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So I had a chance to finish all of “Glitch Techs” Season 1 on Netflix. If this is what we should expect of animated shows for the new decade, then the future looks as bright and colorful as Miko's aaaaaah hair?

It was originally going to be on Nickelodeon. Not sure why they passed on airing it to release it on Netflix. Was the budget for an action cartoon too much for Nick? It’s not Spongebob or Loud House, so they don’t care? Maybe somebody in the comments will know.

I really like how it feels like a mix of Men in Black, and Ghostbusters, but with video games. Unlike a lot of shows and movies where sometimes they feel like they were written by boomers with minimal understanding of gaming, every joke and reference in Glitch Techs could only have been made by people who grew up playing games. I would seriously love to play a lot of the fictional games in the world of the show. Heck, I think Glitch Techs could actually make for an awesome video game; maybe with co-op. 

The two main characters, High Five and Miko, make a super fun duo. They have good chemistry, their play-styles balance each other on missions, and they’re genuinely funny. 

The art style has that nice mix of American cartoon and Japanese anime, like Scott Pilgrim. The animation is fluid and exciting; I am surprised this was not made by the studio Titmouse. There are SO many frames you can pause and you’ll get a cool or funny pose, a memetic facial expression, or a good view of Miko’s bu- HAIR! 

Miko’s hair is pretty; nothing else noticeable about her! MOVING ON!

My biggest, BIGGEST complaint has nothing to do with the show, and everything to do with Netflix. See, this is a very colorful show with lots of bright, flashing lights. But Netflix ruins it by putting this dark filter over lots of scenes, even the opening. This prevents viewers with epilepsy from having seizures by making the shots noticeably darker. I understand a few scenes, but it was constant. It seriously took me out of the story and action every time it happened because it’s so distracting. I want to be be able to enjoy the animation how it was meant to be scene. 

If you have Netflix, go watch it! Companies and networks have no faith in action/adventure cartoons. When show like this comes along, it’s up to fans to support it. 

We need 20 more seasons of Miko’s sweet, thick, plump, round, fat, juicy……hair.


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