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I’d love to hear what everyone thought of E3 2021. What new games interested you? What company won for you his year?

It felt like they didn’t have much to show since most upcoming games got delayed in 2020. But I think we can cut them some slack after a certain, communist regime butt fucked the whole planet, and gave it a Sexually Transmitted Pandemic.


Replaced - It’s a 2.5D cyberpunk style game where it mixes 3D and pixel art. Somehow, they even get the lighting to affect the pixel art as though it’s 3D models. In terms of style, and art direction, this might set a new standard for pixel art platformers. It reminded me of another 2.5D cyberpunk style game shown at E3 2017 called The Last Night. The Last Night was unfortunately canceled due to some controversies and funding issues, which makes the title for this new game, “Replaced”, very ironic.

Elden Ring - I have played Soul style games like Bloodborne, and Nioh. Not my thing, because I always got frustrated by that type of hard difficulty. But even I can recognize the hype for Elden Ring, and how happy people were to finally see gameplay. FromSoftware continues to push the envelope with their new, dark fantasy open world. It already looks like it’ll be filled with tons of lore, and unique designs for all the enemies and bosses. I am going to call it, and predict they’ll eventually make an official Berzerk video game.


I laughed my ass when they announced Death Stranding Director's Cut. You mean to tell me this auteur game Kojima wrote, directed, and produced…was NOT his true approved cut? The nerve. The absolute madman!

The weird 2B Nier skin for Fall Guys was also a funny WTF moment.


Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - To quote Krusty the Clown, “What the hell was that?!?” How can a game published by Square Enix, developed by Team Ninja, with art by Tesuya Nomura look so bad? Forget the fact the graphics look like a late PS3 game, this is some of the worst art direction I have ever seen from a triple A studio. Everything is dark and hard to see, the characters all look like they belong in different games, and the dialogue is straight out of a 13 year old’s edgy fan fiction.

I was also crossing my fingers for some new Metroid Prime 4 footage, or a tease for Bioshock 4. But I guess Nintendo and 2K Interactive are not far along on these games yet to showcase them. Speaking of 2K…


No contest. 2K won E3 2021. It was very bold of 2K to make a video game conference that showed no video games, and no game trailers. They had something more important to showcase…Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. It was just so refreshing, and inspiring to hear a multi million dollar company talk about social justice. They hardly ever do this. Girls, minorities, and alphabet rainbow people have never been able to play or work on video games. There has been zero progress in the past 50 years. Don't look it up; just take their word for it.

People complained a 1 hour office zoom call lecturing gamers about Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, is not how you sell video games at E3…but these people are White supremacists. It’s not problematic to hire based on skin color and genitals instead of job experience and skill level. YOU are problematic. You need to shut up and check your privilege…then pay $60 for their products, and another $100 for micro transactions.


It was a tie between Microsoft and Nintendo. Sure, Mircrosoft impressed people by showing 30 Xbox Series X games, like Starfield, Back 4 Blood, The Outer Worlds 2, Redfall, Somerville, A Plague Tale sequel, Halo Infinite, etc. If any of these games interest you, 27 of them will be available Day 1 of release on the Xbox Games Pass subscription. It’s like Netflix, but with over 100 video games to play for around $14.99 a month. And sure, Nintendo showed off Metroid Dread, Breath of the Wild 2 gameplay, Super Monkeyball collection, Shin Megami Tensei V, new WarioWare, Mario Party Superstars, and a Mario + Rabbids sequel for the Switch.

All very nice...but they hardly talked about Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, so they both loose. More companies should go woke, and remember, D.I.E.

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